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takk!_soundsampler : Great Sound

Overall: great album, but hard to hear the lyrics. Bump those things up to showcase the haunting singing. I’d give it a higher rating but for that, great music overall! It would be a pleasure to hear this band live.

Individual songs:

1. moreless (7/10)

I really like the drums at the beginning. The intro makes for a very promising start. Vocals are a little quiet on this track but nothing too bad. Guitar solos and echo chamber like effects add to the overall roundness of this track. A good pick for the first song.

2. Call to the past (6/10)

Starts out like a techno song, reminds me a bit of scooter but then when the guitars come in it sounds more like a classic rock band. The lyrics become frustratingly hard to hear in this song though.

3. Secret life of words (4/10)

Three intros that are musically unique. Sweet. The musical ideas behind all of these songs are sound and the execution is well done. At this point though, the monotony of trying to hear the lyrics becomes annoying.

4. Tony Soprano (3/10)

What is it? I can’t tell. The bass at the beginning is nice. It’s a pretty cool song.

5. Mess (5/10)

Sounds like Call to the past, but a little more staccato. A good recipe for all these songs seems to be to have lyrics and then a guitar solo about two thirds of the way through as the bridge. Sounds nice and doesn’t get trite. The fadeout at the end seems to be a little blue.

6. is it weakness: (5/10)

This track is upbeat, it has an original sound with the guitar chords. The beginning reminds me of certain video game remixes. I like the dual voices about 1:20. The slower part near the 2/3rds mark gives a good feel to the song in contrast to the quickness of the rest. Great piece to end on.


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